Just bring your own…always!

Paleo Lesson #4: When attending someone’s house for a BBQ, assume what you are eating will probably make you sick, no matter if you THINK the plain chicken hasn’t touched the chicken that normal people can eat. #glutencanteleport        posted July 21, 2012

Now this was such a fun night!! Well, the actual night was fun not the evening or day after. Sometimes you just need a good game night with friends. I don’t even remember the name of the game. But it has to be great when at one point you have to fall out of your chair and yell, “You’ve thwarted me once again, you vile beast!” I remember having a huge bruise on my leg from all of the times I had to do this. It was a great night. We’ll have to play again if someone can remember the name….

Anyways, you know who doesn’t play games? Gluten. It really is in so many things that may not be clearly listed, like my friend’s favorite Greek seasoning. I chose some of the chicken that didn’t have any seasoning, but you can’t expect your friends to understand that gluten can teleport to other parts of the grill. I am also sure my friend didn’t want me hovering over him the entire time making sure my chicken never touched the other chicken, or that he used different utensils when flipping. Nonetheless, the chicken was delicious and I can certainly see why this is his favorite seasoning, but my headache began even before I had finished eating. After 24 hours, I had recovered and learned that you should always just bring your own. I know it’s not fair and it sucks, but it is the safest for you and your friendships.

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