Everything’s Better With Bacon

Chicken Asparagus Carbonara

Chicken Asparagus Carbonara

Paleo Lesson #3: Spaghetti squash is really tasty considering it’s a squash. If you have considered trying it, do it! I found a recipe and my family LOVED it! Evan even ate it. It could be that it has bacon in it, but who cares?? I got my kid to eat asparagus and squash! 

Going back to the picky eater thing, Spaghetti squash has NEVER been on my list of things to eat. This was my first real Paleo surprise. Since then I have learned that I like my squash slightly overcooked. The 40 minute cook time is a big drag, but if it is kept well it can be stored in the freezer.

Paleo Lessons

Since finally (after almost a year of kicking and screaming) making the commitment to the Paleo life just 4 months ago, I cannot believe how much I have learned about food. I can’t believe I was such a picky eater, never willing to try anything that wasn’t smothered in cheese or able to be put on a sandwich. Wanting my first post to be about my journey so far, I have re-posted (from Facebook) my first 12 lessons. I am sure there will be many more mishaps and words of wisdom to come. 🙂 

Paleo Lesson #1: Coarse sea salt is very salty! It is pretty bad when your 3 year old tells you his scrambled eggs are too salty. I didn’t even know that he knew what salt tasted like. Paleo Lesson #2 Arrowroot is a great substitute for cornstarch when baking, but NOT when making a sauce for stir fry. Just for the record, stir fry that looks like jelly is not appetizing. — feeling hungry.          Posted July 18, 2013

After reading this one, I have learned a lot about arrowroot and am determined to figure out how to make a good Paleo stir fry.